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Red Light Records, Amsterdam

The recently Europe-relocated Gordy Zola  changed the colour of my day with this inspiring description of a new store recently opened in the ‘Dam. Red Light Records guarantees a happy ending… Imagine if you will, your favourite DJs opening a record store together. For myself and a whole lot of others this came true as […]

Big City Records, Manhattan

“New York, New York is where we live and we’re thorough Never taking shorts cuz Brooklyn’s the borough” Having come of age to a walkman-delivered soundtrack of golden-era hip hop jams I’m a sucker for the romance and mythology of New York city. My own time record shopping there was an all too brief period […]

Tropicalia In Furs, Manhattan

Feel constant positive vibrations at Tropicalia In Furs. The staff always seem to be having a good time, blaring music and having a laugh out back. Predominately a Brazilian specialty store with a healthy serving of other genres. A pretty overstimulating space with orange walls coated with records, including a cool display of sleeves designs based […]

Crocodisc, Paris

Just up the hill from Boulinier, this place has been around since 1978! Imagine the records that have come through in that time… Heaps and heaps of stock. A buzzing place. Music playing loud. I got the impression that there are guys in there assigned to different genres, as there were about four staff members  […]

Flashback, London

Went here with some local dudes and new friends David McFarline and Julian Horn and (non) collectively, we found some good things. A real mix. Nice library section, found a cool LP on ‘Selected Sound’. Great jazz, got a Polish LP full of hot grooves, I’ve been wearing that one out. Flashback was the first […]

Licorice Pie

Thankfully not some concoction from Masterchef but a great record shop in Prahran. Established by owner Dave Reitman almost a decade ago, Licorice Pie has become a key destination for locals and out of towners alike – if I happen to be showing a vinyl-loving visitor round town I make sure I take them in […]


Northside specialises in a lovingly curated selection of what an ethnomusicologist might call “the music of the African diaspora”. We call it a crate-digging paradise. It’s located in the heart of Fitzroy, but you won’t find hipster jams and nu-disco here. While Northside’s focus is very much on soul, Latin, reggae, jazz, hip hop, Afrobeat, […]