Vintage Records, Istanbul

by Gordy Zola

This one was tricky to find (though my internal compass is always off!) Apologies for the dud photos but I didn’t have my camera the first time I visited and when I came back, it was closed. At least we can show what the front looked like…

Nice set up in here. Well ordered, heaps of 7″s. Got that feeling where I knew there was hot stuff but I didn’t know how to locate it. There’s no actual listening station, just a booth set up behind the jump, a nice one actually. The guy asked if he could assist and I told him the things I was looking for.

He was happy to help and put records on while I kept looking. He was also more than happy to answer my questions about stuff. Limited English when it came to conversing but he let the music do the talking! Vintage Records is well worth a visit.

Vintage Records, Dr. Esat Isık Cd. 20 Kadikoy Istanbul, Turkey