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Category: New York

Big City Records, Manhattan

“New York, New York is where we live and we’re thorough Never taking shorts cuz Brooklyn’s the borough” Having come of age to a walkman-delivered soundtrack of golden-era hip hop jams I’m a sucker for the romance and mythology of New York city. My own time record shopping there was an all too brief period […]

Good Records, Manhattan

One of the many tightly clustered spots on E 5th St, Good Records is always well stocked with secondhand jazz, rock, soul, disco, rap, house, latin, reggae, blues, folk and soundtrack LPs, 12″s and 45s. Top rarities behind the counter too. The owner was once clearing a stash of sealed Bob Chance – It’s Broken […]

Tropicalia In Furs, Manhattan

Feel constant positive vibrations at Tropicalia In Furs. The staff always seem to be having a good time, blaring music and having a laugh out back. Predominately a Brazilian specialty store with a healthy serving of other genres. A pretty overstimulating space with orange walls coated with records, including a cool display of sleeves designs based […]

Deadly Dragon Sound, Manhattan

Reggae, roots, dancehall, ska and rocksteady specialists in the skirts of Chinatown. A shop for the heads, the small space has 45s packed floor to ceiling, stocking current releases and tracing all the way back to the 1950s. Daunting for infrequent dabblers like myself though the staff are more than happy to pile up suggestions […]

CO-OP 87, Brooklyn

Hot tip from Mikey Young of Eddy Current Suppression Ring and Total Control. Not sure how I’ve missed this spot during previous visits but it’s been open since 2009. Run by two former managers of Academy Records, CO-OP 87 has an amazing selection of new and used across the board. You’d expect it to be […]

Record Grouch, Brooklyn

This store used to be a lesser known spot lurking below a vintage store in Williamsburg. Their new Greenpoint site is less dingy basement and more welcoming open plan. I went the opening day and it was too packed to photograph, but customers were walking out with big grins and 30 record piles in tow. […]