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Rainbow 45, Istanbul

The guy at this store is so nice! He has been collecting and dealing for years and has many stories of his travels he’s willing to share over a complimentary tea. I have fond memories of lying back on the steps in the store (that lead up to a small cafe), in awe of Baris […]

Deform, Istanbul

I was super excited to be in Istanbul and have two days to dig. Record shopping is a great way to explore Istanbul (or anywhere) as the stores are in interesting areas. I usually get lost, but this is a good thing. I caught the taxi ferry across to Beyo?lu (the Asia side of Istanbul) […]

Tune Up, Antwerp

Wow, cool store. They really care. Nice old wooden crates, spacious upstairs loft style. Big on their jazz and rock. Once you’re done flicking, why not take a seat and enjoy an espresso while the resident turtle blows you some bubbles, if you listen carefully I think he’d have plenty of stories to tell about […]